Clinical Services
I am currently only providing treatment services via telehealth using doxy.me, a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.  After the public health crisis ends, I will continue telehealth services with most clients, and will only be providing in-person services to clients that I had prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Professional Services
I provide staff trainings at facilities throughout the Metro Boston, Metro West and Central Massachusetts.  Please contact me to discuss your needs and how I may be able to assist.
Contact Information
For a free 10-minute consult to determine if I might be a good fit for you and to schedule an appointment, you can contact me through my online form, by phone, or by email.  You can reach me by phone at 781-693-3200.  If I am not able to answer your call, you can leave a message for me on my secure voicemail and I'll call you back as soon as I can.
You may also send a message to my secure email address.  But please remember that unless you also have a secure email, your message may be intercepted and read by someone else.  Please keep your email brief and don't include any sensitive information.  My email address is warkentin@jbwpsychservices.com.

JBW Psychological Services                

Jennifer Warkentin, Ph.D.

Phone: 781-693-3200

Fax: 844-439-7801

Email: warkentin@jbwpsychservices.com